When starting any project, we spend time in deep research to develop a unique strategy to align with your core values, the site and brand strategy. This is immensely important to us because it sets out the criterion for the design and serves as an overarching guide to make sound decisions for each project.


Our Interior Architecture service offers a high quality, commercially astute approach to the design, spatial planning and interior fit-out. We specialise in spatial planning, rollouts and detailing beyond the core and shell.

Constantly kept up-to-date with the industry's demands to best serve our clients; from the best mix of no. of bedrooms in a particular location to the desired material palette to attract the right demographics.


Quality is paramount to us regardless of the project size. Let us handle the programme and cost management.


"Living in a house which doesn't reflect who you are is like wearing someone else’s clothes."
- Christian Dior

Move-in ready properties in the most stress-free way. We can curate and source artworks down to the final installation details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is interior architecture?

If you imagine a building, the interior architecture elements are everything beyond the shell (like external walls and windows) and core (like lifts and escape stairs). Not to be confused with interior design, which involves other skill sets, interior architecture typically involves the rebuilding of interior environments, often changing the actual structure and/or layout of the building. This type of architecture also involves converting one type of space into another, for example, converting a disused office building into a hotel. Building structure and building regulations must be taken into account to create a safe and habitable space by co-ordinating with structural engineers, M&E engineers and specialist consultants. Interior architecture proposals may also take sustainable design considerations, eg. “green” developments featuring the specification of low carbon materials, alternative heating systems, etc.

All projects by Von X Architects will be led by Von Chua, a UK-registered ARB and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Chartered Architect. By blending the technicality of architecture with the art of everything that an end user sees, touches and feels, the studio is passionate about restoring and conserving the inside of buildings, like shops, offices, galleries or homes.

What is your style?

Each project is a tailored approach to your requirements, achievable within your property. As such, we do not have a fixed style but have often heard these descriptions 'minimal', 'functional' and 'serene'.

How do I start a conversation with Von X Architects?

We offer a 15 minutes free consultation call, please schedule a time that suits you via our Calendly. Alternatively, please contact us at von@vonxarchitects.com or telephone +44 77 1777 3105 (available on WhatsApp for international calls and messages).

The design process begins with us meeting you at your property. This initial design session lasts for either half a day or a full day, depending on the project's size and your requirements. Upon which, we will be able to help you define your brief and advise on the best way forward for the project.

What are your professional fees?

Our professional fees will depend on the size, type, complexity and quality of the project that you require. Architects' fees vary for many different reasons, yet as with most services, the fee generally reflects the level of service provided and the quality of the completed building.

If the brief and budget are well-defined, our professional fees are usually negotiated at the start of a project, ie. after a half a day or a full day design session at the property. In the UK, architects' fees are typically charged in one of the three ways, they are as follows:
(i) Time charge / hourly rate
(ii) Lump sum / fixed fee
(iii) Percentage of construction cost

During the early stages, and where the project brief and budget have yet to be defined, a time charge approach is recommended until feasibility for the project is realised; when the size, complexity and estimated build cost can be better estimated.

Where are you located?

Based in central London, United Kingdom, we are local to Fitzrovia and Marylebone. In-person meetings are typically held in one of The Office Group's meeting rooms by Oxford Circus or one nearest to the project's site.